Welcome to what will be a new section of our website.  A lot of times I get asked what I think is happening in the world of Apple products, so I am going to use this space to provide feedback.  My goal will be to add a new article at least once per week.  What you will read are my feelings based on what I see in the marketplace and what I read about.  I take no claims to ANY of it being accurate, it is all just my opinion.

It is interesting news, yesterdays announcement of OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) to be released this summer.  I like what I hear about the new Messages app and notification center functionality similar to what we have already seen in iOS 5.  It will include integration of Facetime, iMessage and IM (iChat).  Some of the smaller changes will come in the way of updates, which is reported to be included as part of the App Store, and no longer the standalone Software Update application.

While Apple computers already experience much better security than their Windows counterparts, the new OS will include Gatekeeper, an extra security layer that will help prevent third party malware from installing on your Mac.

One of the less talked about “features” of Mountain Lion is the increased hardware requirements.  When OS X Lion came out last summer, we saw the minimum processor requirement jump to a 64-bit Core 2 Duo.  Mountain Lion goes a step further by requiring faster video hardware, and will not be supported on machines such as the 2006-2008 MacBooks which rely on Intel video processors.  2009 MacBooks and newer which use the NVidia GPU are fully supported.  MacBook Pro’s released prior to June 2007 will no longer be supported.

The even less ignificant change will be Apple dropping the “Mac” our of the OSX Name.  It will no longer be called “Mac OS X Lion,” but instead just “OS X Mountain Lion”

If you have questions about what this means for your Mac, or you are looking to purchase a Mac and have questions if it will be supported please give us a call, email or visit!