When was the last time you backed up your computer?  Sounds easy enough, but most of the time when we get computers with bad drives it is not backed up.  Apple couldn’t make it much easier.  Did you know that all versions of OS X, Leopard or later include a backup utility called Time Machine?  All it takes is an external hard drive and about 30 seconds to let it set it up and your data will be safe.  Do you have valuable data?  Personal pictures, music, data files you can’t be without?  A $100 external hard drive will save a lot of heartache.

If you think it won’t happen to you, think again.  Hard drives fail at an annual rate of 3%.  Think of your hard drive as a ticking time bomb.  Eventually it will fail.  Are you prepared if it happened tomorrow?

Hard drive failures happen in different ways.  You will have either a file system failure (corruption) or a mechanical failure.  Corruption without a mechanical failure often happens as a result of not shutting down the computer properly.  The good news is we can usually recover this data with a high rate of success.  The Apple Xchange uses several utilities to rebuild filesystems, often without any data loss.  Mechanical failures are usually not recoverable without spending a lot of money.  Hard drives cannot be opened in anything other than a clean room environment.  The cost for these repairs easily exceeds $1,000, and is recommended only if absolutely necessary.

A simple backup would prevent all of this.  All you need is an external hard drive.  The first time you plug it in, you will be prompted if you would like to use this for backup.  If you select “Yes,” then you are done with setup.  It will make a full backup the first time, and then backup every hour that the disk is plugged in, recording any changes made.  Time machine lets you go “Back in Time” so if you wanted a file from 2 weeks ago, you can restore that.  Want a Word Document as it was 2 months ago, no problem.  It only takes a minute to setup, around $100 and it will save your data.

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