We often get that dreaded call, “Help, I just spilled a drink into my laptop, what should I do?”  Everyone thinks they are so careful and it won’t happen to them.  Unfortunately it happens too often to ignore.  Do you know what do if you spill a drink into or on your laptop?  A lot of times we hear it was working fine, then it just shut off, or it on’t turn on at all.  Unfortunately, by this time the damage may already be done.  The very first thing that should be done is any and all power sources should be removed.  If you have a removable battery, take it out.  Many of the new laptops have batteries that are not accessible from the outside.  These should be taken to a repair facility such as The Apple Xchange so we can remove the battery promptly.

With no power to the computer, try to get it dried as quickly as possible.  If you can get it to us, we will remove the covers necessary and get it dried to minimize any damage.  We use a special process to then clean the logic board and electronic components to restore function and then to also prevent the spread of corrosion.  A lot of times after a spill the device will work just fine for a while.  If it is not treated properly, corrosion builds, like rust and eventually causes a failure.  Our process prevents this from happening.

If you take the machine to many places they will tell you it just needs to be replaced, or uneconomical to fix.  We find this is not really the case in many instances.  Often the keyboard is the first victim of a spill, and replacement of it, and cleanup of the rest of the machine can run under $250 on some laptops and will keep it working like new.  If you have a spill, call us, we would be happy to help get through it!  Most importantly, do something!