With the new OS release of Mountain Lion, we have been frequently asked what are the differences between OSX Lion and OSX Mountain Lion.  While on paper many of the differences don’t sound very significant, there are many subtle changes that really make a big difference in the user experience.  On paper, the big differences are the new Notification Center, New Messages Client, Power Nap and Social media integration.  The things that haven’t been talked about are the ones we have found to be the most helpful.

To begin with, performance.  Most systems seem more responsive and perform better running Mountain Lion over Lion.  Disk I/O, Memory utilization and caching seem to be improved and really give a better user experience.  Differences in the way Apps in use are displayed in the dock, better Spotlight searching and other differences are very subtle but really aid in getting the most from your Mac.  Now from Quick Look you can Email, or publish items to social media.  You don’t see these features written about much but are nice improvements.

Under the hood where we don’t see the changes also has undergone many changes.  One of the most significant being the requirement for 64 bit video drivers.  This is the reason a lot of Macs out there will not be able to run Mountain Lion.  Non-Unibody MacBook in particular is the biggest one left behind.  All but the latest of the MacBooks (2009 2.0 and 2.13 Models) will not be able to run Mountain Lion.

We like what we see, just a little disappointed in the amount of relatively new computers that are unable to run the new OS.  If you have questions, or just want to see it running, give us a call or come down and take a look.