It’s been a pretty quiet summer, the release of Mountain Lion has gone rather well, but the big one is coming.  We are definitely in the calm before the storm period now.  Everyone knows the iPhone 5, Unibody iPhone or whatever it will be called is coming, it’s just a matter of when it will drop from the skies, and what it will include.  This period of time, the last month before a product release, all the leaked shots, parts, rumors, etc.., it’s interesting what each magazine puts together as their version of what the new iPhone will be.  I think almost everyone now agrees a 4″ Screen (.5″ Longer than current), no changes to width, a little thinner, bigger battery (So expect it to be heavier), and have the usual improvements such as a better camera, etc..  I’ll admit it, I drank the Kool-Aid 5 years ago, and if that is all I’m getting, I’ll still be in line to get one on release day at 5AM if I need to in order to get one.  I was in line to be one of the first with an iPhone 4, and will do the same for a 5. If the rumors are true, we will all find out on the product call on Sept 12, with an expected ship date of 9/21/12.