This installment of Alan’s Blog is brought to you by Cory, our newest staff member to join The Apple Xchange.

We’ve moved! As with any big move comes big changes, including new staff members (like myself), and new products. My name is Cory and I’m helping Alan take on the ‘arduous’ job of updating our site’s blog.

The Apple Xchange is a business that started in Alan’s home, but in no time at all, moved to it’s first location in Gilbert. After much growth and success there, thought was given to locating a new base of operations, one far less cramped than the Gilbert building and perhaps more importantly, centered around some fine dining establishments for our lunch breaks!  After much ado, we’ve found the PERFECT location in Tempe.  Conveniently located between ASU and Mesa Community College on the South East corner of Southern Ave and McClintock Drive, we opened the doors on Monday, November 26th.

With the increase in business Alan has hired two new employees bringing our staff total to four. Aside from Alan and Jay we now have myself and Chris. Substantially younger and better looking than the old employees (and humble to boot), Chris and I look forward to driving them insane on a daily basis with our noisy new-age music and youthful anecdotes.

Here at the Apple Xchange we focus on selling high-quality refurbished Apple products, servicing and upgrading Apple equipment, and replacing Apple parts for desktops, portables and mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPod and iPad. In fact, one of our newer services is the complete color conversion of the iPhone 4 for only $110 (Parts and Labor) and the iPhone 4s for only $120 (Parts and Labor). We’ve a wide variety of colors to choose from as well such as; red, green, blue, yellow, gold, pink, and purple both in metallic and in mirrored versions. The turn around time is only 45 minutes!

We want to thank all of our former customers for trusting in us and our services and affording us the opportunity to expand our business.

Happy Holidays!