It has been very overdue, and I feel it very important to keep up on my blog. I have had so many ideas, but haven’t written anything to the site. On August 4th, The Apple Xchange celebrated our official 4 year birthday. In this time a lot has changed. We have grown steadily, and that is largely due to returning business and referrals of customers like you, reading this blog. We continue to sell previously owned computers, and that hasn’t changed much in the last couple of years. What has changed is the device repair business that we have built and continue to grow.

When Apple released the iPad 2 in 2011, a significant change occurred. Unlike previous products from Apple that had a set way of assembling, this device uses adhesive to hold it together. While it may not sound like a big change, it represented a huge change in the way repair shops would have to treat all future devices. Instead of having a simple guide to repair, and screws that went in a set position, this required craftsmanship to complete. In a lot of ways the iPhone 4 is the same way. Both of these devices require a lot more skill to repair then a simple removal of a few screws, replace a part, and put it back together.

I feel it is these repairs that separates the those who have been doing this for a significant length of time from those just getting started. While a screen replacement on a phone seems like a simple task, there is actually a pretty difficult process behind it. At the Apple Xchange, we can assure you we do our best on every device and only use top quality replacement parts. We see a lot of iPhones, iPods and iPads come through, and usually we can spot if they have been serviced before by other technicians. We take pride in being certain everything works and appears factory when we are done. Apple products are the top in their industries. We want to make sure you continue to have a great experience with your devices and are happy with everything we do.

When Apple released the iPhone 5, another significant change occurred in the design of the screen assembly. We began to see a lot of our competitors taking short cuts to repairing the screens by actually separating the glass from the LCD panel. These parts are fused together by Apple and it’s a nasty process to separate, and leaves the phone not functioning as it was intended. If you want to see, go to Youtube and Search for iPhone 5 Glass Only repair.While it costs more to replace the entire Glass/Digitizer/LCD Assembly, it is the only way to properly do the repair, and the only way we will do it. It is amazing some places are charging more than we are to do the glass only repair.

Hopefully we will be around for many more years to come to sell Apple computers and devices, and become the most trusted repair shop in the valley. We invite you to come check us out if you haven’t already and see why we take so much pride in the work we do.