It has been a while since I have updated my blog, but we have really been doing a lot of things behind the scenes I am really excited about.  Now that we are into 2014 and the holiday craziness has settled down, we are focused to grow even more this year.  We are well into our 5th year in business and have seen significant changes every year.  This past year we have adjusted to the market and shifted a large amount of our focus on device repairs.  As with everything else we do, we want to be the best option for our customers, with customer service our number 1 priority.

We started doing device repairs several years ago offering screen replacements for iPhone’s and iPads.  At first we would see a few devices/week and it was only a small percentage of what we did.  Now we do many devices per day, including all generations of iPads, iPhones and iPods.  We are committed to being the best option for these repairs, using only the highest quality parts and offering quick turn around at prices that are better than our competitors.  Most iPhone 4 and 5 repairs are completed within one hour, iPad and iPod repairs within a few hours.  iPod and iPad repairs take longer due to the need to allow adhesive to properly seal to complete the repair.  I feel one of our competitive advantages is the large inventory of parts we stock.  Aside from the basic screens and batteries, we stock almost all small parts for all of these devices.  This helps us if there are any complications in a repair, or if more parts are required to complete a repair.  This requires a lot of effort for us, but I feel it is worth it to be the best place for your repairs.  This means a lot of parts, since something as basic as an iPhone 4/4S has 3 completely different variations, each requiring us to stock a full range of parts, and in all colors.  Even small parts such as the dock connector and headphone ports are colored to match the screen so we have to stock all the parts and in multiple colors.

When it comes to the quality of repairs, I feel we do better work than anyone else.  It is amazing what we see when we open a device.  We can almost always spot when someone else has been in a device previously.  Inside iPhones and iPad we have found everything from wrong parts, to missing screws, broken parts, and adhesives used that allow devices to just pull apart.  We don’t want you or anyone else to know it has been repaired.  Your device should be returned to you looking like it was brand new, and that is what I expect from my technicians and the standard I set for all repairs we do. I personally inspect most devices that come through our company to be sure everything is perfect before it leaves.

Even more than ever we really appreciate all the feedback we receive, both directly to us, and in the form of Facebook, Google and Yelp! reviews.  We invite you to look at what our customers say about us, and would love to continue to get reviews.  At the time I am writing this, we have 26 Yelp! reviews, EVERY SINGLE ONE is a 5-Star positive review.  We try very hard for that, and will continue to do whatever we can to keep EVERY SINGLE customer a supporter of what we do.

Currently, we have several major internal projects in the works to improve the level of service we offer.  To start, we are building new work areas for our technicians to make them as efficient as possible, and to give them all the tools to be sure your repair is completed as well as possible.  We are developing a new website to make your experience a better one, including improved content and instructional videos to assist with common questions.  We are also working on improving our E-Commerce offerings to allow simple purchases such as Batteries, AC Adapters, and other common parts to be completed online and we can ship those parts directly to you.

I am looking forward to the next few months as these things continue to happen to make us even better positioned to serve our customers.  The following links go to our reviews, if you had a good experience, or even a bad one, please be sure to tell us so we can improve and learn from it!