As 2015 winds down, we are in the crazy time of year in retail that defines how we go into 2016.  We have made a lot of changes this past year, our 6th in business and we have matured as a company.  With all of that, I personally still try spend a lot of time, both engaging and supervising repairs as well as working with customers.  It is important for us we don’t lose the personal touch that makes us the best place for you to purchase and have your Macs serviced.

 The markets have changed a LOT since I started doing this in 2009, and the technology has also advanced a lot.  I am still a techie and love all the new gadgets, and what will be coming in the future.  We make sure to take the time and explain what changes are taking place and how everyone can benefit from them.  I love that we have been able to offer our Saturday classes and keep seeing new faces that are eager to learn about Macs.

 This next year I will be making more frequent blog posts with new information in each of them.  I will end this blog post with a warning against a scam we have been seeing a lot lately.  We have seen come malicious websites that will say things like “Attention, your computer is out of date, call 1-800-xxx-xxx” for help, to get this resolved or other scare tactics with a number to call.  This is NEVER legitimate.  If you ever see something like this, just close your web browser and don’t return to the page you were just on.  Most of these do not install anything or have ongoing issues, but they use scare tactics and try to get you to pay for something completely unnecessary.