About the Apple Xchange

The Apple Xchange was formed when a need was identified to provide good reliable Apple computers to the user community in the Phoenix area.

1821 E Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282
(602) 492-7575

Monday – Friday: 10AM – 7PM
Saturday: 10AM-3PM


About Our Store

The Apple Xchange was formed when a need was identified to provide good reliable Apple computers to the user community in the Phoenix area.  While most of us would prefer to go buy a computer brand new in the box it is not always practical.  New Apple laptops can be very expensive.  The Apple Xchange was created as a way to deliver the incredible user experience Apple users have always loved at a price that is more affordable than buying a brand new computer at a retail outlet.

The Apple Xchange thoroughly tests all computers sold to be sure they meet all the original specifications of the computer as it was new.  If anything fails the extensive diagnostic testing, parts are replaced using only top quality used or new parts.  In most cases genuine Apple parts are used to be absolutely sure all computers meet up to their original specifications.

The Apple Xchange maintains very low overhead and as a result passes the savings to you, the end user looking to buy a computer at a very reasonable price.  Our goal is to deliver computers at prices comparable to eBay auctions without the risk.  All computers sold by The Apple Xchange include a FULL 1 YEAR warranty.  The Apple Xchange will gladly fix or replace your computer within that FULL 1 YEAR and make sure you are completely satisfied.  It is our goal to make sure that you, the customer, is 100% satisfied with your purchase.  Our goal is repeat customers and referrals.


All computers sold and repairs are all done or supervised by the owner of The Apple Xchange. Alan Chook is an Apple Certified Mac Technician.

How To Get Here

If you are coming from Phoenix, Scottsdale, easiest route is to get to the 101 South and get off at Southern Ave.  Make a right so you are heading West, approx 1 mile.  Turn in when you see the Southern Village Shops, including BoSa donuts and Bank of America.

If you are coming from Mesa, or anywhere West of the 101 and use the 60.  Get off at the McClintock Exit and head North.  Turn right onto Southern, and then immediately into the Southern Village Shops and you have found us!

If you are coming from West Tempe, or Phoenix, Take the US 60 East to the McClintock Exit and head North.  Turn right onto Southern, and then immediately into the Southern Village Shops and you have found us!

If you have questions, please call us, our number will remain as (602) 492-7575.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Just would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided on my Apple MacBook computer. I had spilled a little coffee on it and would not start up. i took the computer to the Apple store in Chandler and their {genius} ha ha said it was all corroded and not worth fixing. i took it to another computer store and got a different story but the same end result which was it was not repairable. I decided to give it one more try and took it to The Apple Xchange. You had it running within 2 minutes. I did leave it there overnight for a complete cleaning. I could not be happier with the end result and would highly recommend your services to anyone with Mac computer problems . Thank you and have a great day. – Rick
Found these guys on Yelp, couldn’t be happier with the service. Went in with my device, not sure what the issue was. They booted it and diagnosed within minutes. Problem was repaired in under 2hrs. I wouldn’t paid 3x the amount easily if I’d gone to an actual Apple store so I’m very satisfied! Plus one of the techs cleaned the dust out if my iPhone 5 while I was waiting! – Amber
I’ve purchased 4 Macs from The Apple Xchange. The hardware and helpful staff are top notch and willing to solve any Apple problem you may have. I’ve gotten some great advice and also amazing deals on hard drive upgrades and speedy turn arounds on service orders. I can’t recommend them more highly! GREAT SHOP! – Paul
I broke the screen on my iPhone and was disappointed to find out that the insurance I carried through my provider had upped my deductible to $169.00. I called The Apple Exchange and they gave me a very reasonable price for a new screen and it could be done same day in about an hour. I purchased a yelp deal and saved another ten dollars. The crew at Apple Exchange were super nice and had my phone back to me in better than new condition in an hour. I was very impressed. I highly recommend these guys! They rock! – Stacey
I shattered the screen on my iPhone 5 screen and was a bit anxious to replace or repair it quickly and inexpensively. I did some research and found The Apple Xchange about 15 minutes from me. I must say, the previous reviews do not disappoint! I experienced, fast, courteous, and quality service. The price was a little higher then some other places I checked, but AX replaces the sensor and the glass which in the end is better for your phone’s performance. The repair took less than 45 minutes and my phone looked brand new afterwards! I even bought a sturdier case which AX had in great supply. Thanks AX, two thumbs up! – Dean
Smart techs, friendly service and decent ( in some cases downright cheap ) prices make this place my go to mac store. Forget Cry’s and Worst Buy, these guys are the bomb. I’ve been here a number of different times and every time they had exactly what I was looking for and provided me with the helpful advice I was looking for. Plus, nothing wrong with supporting a local, hometown business. I’m a fan and I’ll be back. – Craig
It is stores like this that make me buy local. We bought a refurbished MacBook and they still had it with the apple care for the next year. It was much cheaper than anywhere we would have found one. The conversation with the employees and the owner’s passion is impressive. – Jackie
I Just purchased a macbook from these folks this morning…what a shock! Real customer service still exists! After searching the web, considering Best Buy, The Apple Store, etc, etc, I stumbled upon The Apple Xchange. I am so glad I did. Christian patiently answered my questions and proved to be highly knowledgeable about macs. I left feeling truly satisfied as a customer, which doesn’t happen often these days.  Exceptional service from professional, polite experts in the field. Best of all, I got an amazing deal on an excellent macbook that is exceeding my expectations as I type this. Support your local business, go see these guys! – Michael
I really like the Apple Xchange. I live in the Northwest Valley, but it was totally worth the trip. I had been looking on Craigslist to replace my virus infected Dell. I was leary, though, about someone trying to sell me a stolen Mac or even about bringing cash and then buying a lemon. This was perfect. I got a used Mac that I know is not stolen. They have a legit, tech looking nice store and the added bonus of everyone being very helpful. I am now the proud owner of a shiny used Mac that has a one year guarantee and they offered to transfer my pictures if they could get them out of my worthless Dell. Jay went above and beyond when he said he was able to get them out and loaded into my new used Mac. His voice even sounded normal when he said that I had over 20,000 pictures!! – Cindy
My phone just stopped working out of the blue, I was about to go through insurance and get a new one but someone told me about the Apple Xchange. And I’m so glad they did. I took my phone in and met with Cory, he was very knowledgable and the pricing was amazing. I dropped my phone off and before I even got back to work I received an email notification that my phone was fixed and ready to be picked up! I am so happy I know about the Apple Xchange now! As a person who seems to run into a lot of issues with my devices, it good to know of a reputable, reliable business that can fix virtually anything! The best part of it all…all my info and contacts were saved, I never thought I would see them again! I would certainly go back if I ever run into any issues like this again! – Riley
The guys at The Apple Xchange replaced my iPad glass in TWO hours! Great staff, very nice location, and great prices. Absolutely recommend them for any Apple product repair or purchase. Thanks again guys – David
My screen was cracked after my puppy decided to use my iPhone as a chew toy :/ I had met one of the owners through a networking group and decided to take the drive up to have it repaired when I found out that I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade just yet. They took care of getting the repair done quickly and while I waited. Great experience and I would definitely recommend them to a friend (and actually did so a few hours later). So glad the option exists to have it repaired rather than replaced! – Sandy
I have a habit of dropping my phone at least once a month that will completely shatter my screen and these guys are the best in replacing it!! Very inexpensive and they are fast. I drop it off, grab lunch, and it’s ready before I know it. They are extremely friendly and just a great company all around! Highly recommended!! – Brianna
What can I say, came in for a class, to see if I could coax a few more miles out of my old computer, and walked out with 2 new ones, well new to us anyway, for less than the price of 1 new one. And they even transferred all of our data, out of 2 computers, on a day that they are only open for half a day. Great customer service, they answered all of our questions, even some we didn’t know we had. Including the one we came in for in the first place, which was that we couldn’t do what the Geniuses told us we could on the computers that we had. Chris and Cory ( I hope I spelled that right) attempted to teach us work arounds so we could do it on our old computers, but we decided on the upgrades, no hard sell from them just good clean answers to our questions. We could not be happier with our purchases, the class we attended for free, and above all, the customer service. If you are looking for Apple products, or to get your Apple products repaired, I can honestly say, you can not do better than the Apple Xchange. Great service, Great products, and locally owned, doesn’t get better than that. – Rick
Great, friendly staff that are very knowledgable. Did a great job on a memory upgrade. Did the work in minutes while I waited. Wonderful experience, my new go to place. – Brian
I went to Apple XChange after i dropped my iphone and shattered the back glass. I had previously used another store, MacMasters, up in Scottsdale who charged me over 200 bucks just to do a diagnostic check on my old iphone when that wasnt working, and on top of that they had terrible customer service. Apple Xchange was the exact opposite. The customer service is great, and the prices are extremely fair. I originally had intended just to replace the broken back, but instead got a full color conversion for about 100 bucks that was done in less than an hour. Cory used to work for Apple, so the service is guaranteed to be good quality. You get the expertise of an Apple tech at more reasonable prices and better service. I highly recommend this store to anyone who needs their Apple products to be serviced. – Joe
I took my old iphone in yesterday to have it repaired, not only was the customer service fantastic, but they’re way cheaper than their competitors. I walked in 15 minutes before close (most businesses give you the cold shoulder when you do that) they were so friendly and willing to help. I’ll definitely be using them again. Good job guys! – Sara
Just wanted to drop you a quick note. The iMac’s running great and I’m loving the speed of the computer and the brightness and size of the screen. I feel bad for Mabel (that’s the name I gave to my 13-year-old G4), because she has served me so well. In 13 years the only problem I ever had was replacing the power unit.I didn’t think I’d like the new keyboard style, but I’ve adjusted to it very well. Thanks again! You were a big help and I’ll definitely be looking to you guys in the future when I want more equipment (thinking of an iPad in the near future). – Wes
I just wanted to let you know I am loving the Macbook I bought from you guys a couple weeks ago. It does so many amazing things and is working great for all my projects and writing. I’m so glad I upgraded to the 8GB memory because it is so fast and I can have tons of programs open at the same time without it slowing down. I rarely touch my PC anymore and the Macbook works great with my iPad on previewing my work. I have given your website to so many people so I hope they will visit you. Thanks again! – Mary
I wanted to thank you for providing wonderful customer service! I purchased a laptop from you a month ago to replace and older laptop I was currently using. The first one that I purchased had a dead pixel in the screen and since I am a photographer it made it difficult to work on my photos. My husband called to ask about the dead pixel and was told to bring the laptop in. When we did that you guys replaced it with another laptop, exchanging my hard drive! I was shocked. The level of customer service in your facility is phenomenal! It has been a long time since we have left a place satisfied with our buying experience. We recommend you to all our friends and co-workers!! – Sally
I purchased a Unibody Macbook from AppleXChange and the service was outstanding, and the product was fantastic. If you are ever find yourself in need of a fantastic computer, but tight on a budget, I would highly recommend this company as your first option. Very few company’s selling refurbished apple products will stand behind the product like AppleXChange. I feel like I am rambling, but this company is fantastic. – Kirk
I recently purchased a MacBook from you for my wife. Thanks to your wise advice my wife did not need the high powered laptop I was prepared to buy. Most importantly, I want to thank you for your generous assistance after my purchase (having nothing to do with the purchase but with my computer ignorance). You now have another fan and one that will happily recommend your service to others. Thanks again. – Mark
Good Morning. It has been approximately a month since I bought the White Macbook from you and it has been nothing but exceptional. I have used it everyday since I left the store and there has been nothing wrong. I want to personally thank you for your service and commitment to your products. From my business you have definitely opened yourself a new door for business from Texas and Oklahoma! All of my peers want to know how did I score that deal! I simply replied “Apple Xchange”. I finally got my iPhone 4 too. I love it! – Evan
Hey Alan. My sister Natalie has been very pleased with the Mac book she picked up from you. And the one I bought I have been using daily as my sole computer which I didn’t intend to do but it has been working great. – Dallan
Hi Alan. Bob and I are the couple from Colorado who bought the MacBook from you the day after Christmas. We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the MacBook and especially with you. The computer works great and when we called you for help when we were unable to connect wirelessly at home, you were gracious and helpful. I have to admit that after being on the phone with our Internet provider and Apple tech for a couple of hours without any resolution, I was a bit testy. I apologize if any of m y frustration was heard in our conversation. We are extremely appreciative of the professional way you handled the sale and helping us when we had a problem. Good luck to you in your business. It was nice meeting you – Linda and Bob
It has been months since my purchase; my laptop is working GREAT thanks to you again! Highly appreciate your superb service, which I truly believe is second to none! Your extremely quick responses to my calls are critical as my business relies on my computer working great. And the fact that you spent hours working with me over the phone to help fix an issue that was not purchase related, clearly shows that you care about your customers, and passionate about your business. You have set the bar high, and I will continue to recommend you to anyone I know that needs assistance, or needs to purchase.. on that note ; please expect a call from one of my clients Miss Carmen; She will be calling you for purchase! – Amen