Mac Cleaning Tips!

Cleaning the keyboard can be a daunting task, I am here to explain its something that is certainly intended to happen on your device! It’s not a matter of spraying down the system and hoping everything works well - it’s a process that is more akin to brushing your teeth! Note: Keyboard cleaning and screen [...]

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Winding down 2015.

As 2015 winds down, we are in the crazy time of year in retail that defines how we go into 2016.  We have made a lot of changes this past year, our 6th in business and we have matured as a company.  With all of that, I personally still try spend a lot of time, [...]

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The Apple Xchange Difference

It has been a while since I have updated my blog, but we have really been doing a lot of things behind the scenes I am really excited about.  Now that we are into 2014 and the holiday craziness has settled down, we are focused to grow even more this year.  We are well into [...]

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Apple Xchange Craftsmanship

It has been very overdue, and I feel it very important to keep up on my blog. I have had so many ideas, but haven't written anything to the site. On August 4th, The Apple Xchange celebrated our official 4 year birthday. In this time a lot has changed. We have grown steadily, and that [...]

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We’ve Moved!

This installment of Alan's Blog is brought to you by Cory, our newest staff member to join The Apple Xchange. We’ve moved! As with any big move comes big changes, including new staff members (like myself), and new products. My name is Cory and I’m helping Alan take on the ‘arduous’ job of updating our [...]

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The iPhone 5

After having my iPhone 4 for over 2 years, which I stood in line to get, I was anxious to get an iPhone 5 and see what all the hype would be about.  This time I was smarter then standing in line, and went online a week earlier and pre-ordered.  In less than a 10 [...]

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The Calm Before the Storm

It's been a pretty quiet summer, the release of Mountain Lion has gone rather well, but the big one is coming.  We are definitely in the calm before the storm period now.  Everyone knows the iPhone 5, Unibody iPhone or whatever it will be called is coming, it's just a matter of when it will [...]

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Lion vs. Mountain Lion

With the new OS release of Mountain Lion, we have been frequently asked what are the differences between OSX Lion and OSX Mountain Lion.  While on paper many of the differences don't sound very significant, there are many subtle changes that really make a big difference in the user experience.  On paper, the big differences [...]

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Avoiding Costly Spill Damage

We often get that dreaded call, "Help, I just spilled a drink into my laptop, what should I do?"  Everyone thinks they are so careful and it won't happen to them.  Unfortunately it happens too often to ignore.  Do you know what do if you spill a drink into or on your laptop?  A lot [...]

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The Importance of Backing Up

When was the last time you backed up your computer?  Sounds easy enough, but most of the time when we get computers with bad drives it is not backed up.  Apple couldn't make it much easier.  Did you know that all versions of OS X, Leopard or later include a backup utility called Time Machine? [...]

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