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Cleaning the keyboard can be a daunting task, I am here to explain its something that is certainly intended to happen on your device! It’s not a matter of spraying down the system and hoping everything works well – it’s a process that is more akin to brushing your teeth! Note: Keyboard cleaning and screen tips outlined below apply to iMacs in the same fashion!

Check your device in for an ULTIMATE Cleaning Service! The service charge is only $25! Perfect if you want to hold onto your old Mac or get it ready for sale!


Total dust and debris removal, inside and out

-Keyboard cleaning and sanitation

-Diagnosis Testing optional!

Keyboard Cleaning*

The first step is to use compressed canned air to blow away any large or loose debris from the keyboard. This makes the following steps much easier on yourself. After agitating the debris / dust on the keyboard use some more compressed canned air on the keyboard to remove the remainder debris / dust.

Lastly, follow up with cleaner! We use SprayWay – a common glass or window cleaner found at most super markets and large stores! SprayWay contains no harmful chemicals and its safe for human and plastic contact surfaces! Ensure that a light amount of cleaner is being used. Do not allow cleaner to enter the cracks between the body and keyboard! Other cleaners like Isopropyl Alcohol, anti bacterial cleaners are okay to use as well!

Cleaning the Body / Outside

The housing of the unit can be wiped down with a Cleaner-loaded microfiber cloth. Make sure the cloth is just slightly damp, and not soaking or dripping wet. Less cleaner is better. Use compressed air to blow out any of the ports, and use the nylon brush to agitate your MagSafe charging mounting surface, this will clean it up and allow the MagSafe to make a better connection.

Cleaning the Display / Screen

Cleaning the display of your Mac is a good idea. Once you do it, you’ll try harder moving forward to not touch the display as much! Start by loading a microfiber cloth with SprayWay. Turn your computer off or lower the brightness of the screen to see the display surface better.

Use the microfiber cloth to clean the heavy oils and other things off the display surface, once its clear follow up with an additional, clean and dry microfiber cloth to remove the streaks left by the dirty microfiber covered in cleaner.

Come in for Service!

When you check your device in for service at our store, we will clean your Mac! The fans, keyboard and body will be cleaned up!

If you want to check your device in just for a cleaning that is perfectly fine! The service charge is only $25!

With iMacs, when we enter the inside of the unit we perform a dust removal in any case! Keyboard cleaning and screen tips outlined above apply to iMacs in the same fashion!

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*The Apple Xchange cannot be held responsible for damage to your Mac Computer or Mac Keyboard. If you are not confidant in your ability to clean the device on your end, we offer this service complementary when you check your device in for service!

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